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Effective communication between a business and its clients is an integral aspect of the growth and development of a business’s reputation. In hands on workshops, targeting a wide variety of skill levels, you will learn from the basic principles of digital media, social media, marketing, and mentorships, to their best practical application to grow your business.

Gain the direct knowledge to develop the most effective communications strategy for your business, and expand your understanding of the current communications landscape.

Upcoming Workshops

Social Media and Digital Marketing for Fashion and Beauty

This course will teach you how to create social media hype around a fashion and beauty campaign.

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Email Marketing for Business

This one day course will help you gain a clearer understanding of how email can benefit your business.

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Facebook / Instagram Advertising for Business

This one day course will get you up to speed on the latest Facebook advertising techniques.

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Social Media Marketing Introduction

Learn strategies and best practices for using social media in your marketing communications.

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