About Motivating Marketing

Marina Gabuio seated and smiling with her arms resting casually crossed on her knees.

Hi, I’m Marina Garbuio – fearless leader of Motivating Marketing. Being a Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategist, I help ambitious business owners and marketing managers take control of their digital and social media marketing, in order grow their customer base and increase conversions.

Whether it is smart marketing strategy creation, easy-to-understand training or hands on marketing management, you have access to leading-edge expertise. My team and I help you implement the latest marketing practices to your unique business to elevate your brand identity, create more personal business relationships while generating honourable revenue.

Because let’s get real here – successful marketing requires lots of different moving parts, working in unison to deliver both short-term and long-term results, to create a business that can scale and be sustainable.

Many business owners make the mistake of leaving their marketing to chance or treating it as an afterthought. Some try to tackle the individual moving parts one random piece at a time. Some implement a social media strategy here, an email campaign over there or post 55 Instagram graphics with ground-breaking quotes. However, this is rarely effective and sucks up valuable time and resources.

My team and I understand you need a professional digital and social media marketing strategy that underpins and guides every single marketing activity you invest in.

Creating a solid foundation for your business and your marketing is what will set you up to succeed, in the long haul.

As a team, we look at all aspects of your online marketing so you are in the right place, at the right time to reach your right client with your right product or service to get the best return on investment.

This is why you are surrounded by a team of marketing experts, such as myself, who can develop bold digital marketing strategies for your business – and then implement all those moving parts if you need – so your fearless goals are achievable.

Take a look at our services to see how we can support your business today. We do – the lot. Your one-stop marketing shop.

Big enough to trust.
Small enough to care

As your business marketing partner, your success is our success. We pride ourselves in working together, in an open, honest and transparent way. Our team have a genuine thirst to conquer new challenges and continually improve by staying on top of the latest and greatest digital marketing techniques and social media marketing strategies.

This means you won’t have to worry about evolving algorithms or continuously adapt to a changing digital landscape. Our awesome team will either guide you through the maze or do it for you – we will respond to your unique business requirements.

About Marina Garbuio

My business and marketing portfolio spans over two decades. I have been a Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategist over the last 17 years. Prior to this, I spent 10 years with offline marketing (TV, radio, catalogues, press etc…).

Over 25 years of experience.

I’ve watched the internet change from dial-up frustration to 5G fast (we had to plug the phone out of the wall, to access the internet).

I became a mum when Facebook was born. Now, Facebook has developed into a turbulent teen and all the angst that comes with it (similar to my grown up baby).

I’ve seen TV advertising evolve into YouTube sensations and marketing re-inventing itself over and over to appeal and remain relevant.

Crazy how time flies.

Keynote speaker Marina Garbuio standing behind a podium actively giving a presentation.

Murray Chapman - Web Design & Developer

Murray is a highly motivated, creative, and results-driven designer with a passion for collaborating with clients to meet their visual and technical needs. He has a strong commitment to excellence and a deep enthusiasm for web design and development, interaction design, and coding.

Murray’s expertise spans both frontend and backend technologies, offering comprehensive client support throughout various project stages.

He excels in:

  • Frontend Development: Murray possesses a solid grasp of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript creating visually engaging, and user-friendly front-end interfaces. His keen eye for design ensures websites not only function seamlessly but also look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Backend Development: In addition to frontend skills, Murray is proficient in backend development, enabling him to deliver holistic solutions that encompass the entire web development process. He thrives in tackling complex coding challenges to ensure websites operate efficiently and securely.
  • Software Development: Murray’s technical expertise allows him to create custom software solutions when needed to enhance website functionality.
  • Client Website Maintenance: Murray takes responsibility for maintaining the integrity and performance of client websites, guaranteeing their continued functionality and reliability.
  • Techical Training: Murray provides valuable training to clients, empowering them to manage and update websites independently.


I’m based in Melbourne (Australia), and help service-based businesses and organisations communicate their message consistently, with clarity and confidence.

When you have the right marketing strategy, you are able to showcase your significant value to your clients so they have NO choice but to use your services.

And it doesn’t stop there...

I’ve also been a keynote speaker at the Department of Education (DET) presenting digital marketing insights and have been invited to various businesses to conduct digital workshops and training.

By the time business owners and people working in the marketing field come to me, they are despondent and overwhelmed. I enlighten them with knowledge, understanding, and digestible plans of marketing action that they can implement (or we can manage for them).

So, with me, you receive practical advice, measurable return on investment, and gain free education along the way!

Smart marketing strategies, easy-to-Understand Training and Marketing Management Services that work for your business.