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Is email marketing part of your long term marketing mix? Once you have connected with your customer, their email address is KING. This allows you to communicate and continue a relationship with your customer.

It is a simple reminder that you are still available and you exist to help them. They are remembered. And customers always love to feel loved.

Email Marketing is cost-efficient and is a chance to gain some incredible ROI figures, which are easily measured.

Figures gathered by Lyfe Marketing show:

  • 85% of retailers consider email marketing to be the most effective customer acquisition model out there
  • 94% of internet users use email.
  • 75% of adult consumers prefer email marketing as a soft, non-threatening form of communication.

Building Relationships with your Customers

If you conduct email marketing just to sell, sell, sell – strong chances are, email marketing won’t work for you.

Customer’s today are individualistic. If they don’t feel like you are speaking directly to them, then they will not be interested in what you have to offer.

So how do you make people feel individual when you are targeting a mass audience?

Well, we guide you to change your mindset around to think of ‘customer first’, which then leads to multiple sales.

If you conduct email marketing just to sell, sell, sell – strong chances are, email marketing won’t work for you.

How Email Marketing Works

You need to obtain the person’s permission to use their email address. This can be in a variety of ways:

  • Sign up for a competition
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Sign up and to have a free e-book or special offer delivered to their email address
  • Sign into your online store or from a purchase

Make sure you cover what you are planning to do with their personal details (including email addresses) in your Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. Every website should have this available on their footer.

Then, you may consider two styles of email marketing: EDM or E-Newsletter.

Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is a series of emails sent to the recipient over the course of a few weeks. It is a marketing campaign with a beginning and an end.

Nimble recommends five to seven touch points before a sale, while other marketers say that up to 9 touch points may be required. A touch point, in this context, is an email from your EDM campaign.

For example, if a person has recently purchased an item from your online store, a simple EDM could look like this:

  1. Send a thank you email for their current purchase. You can add some personal news about who you are and what to expect from your company (people love to get to know people behind the company).
  2. Remind the person you are there to help them. Ask for feedback regarding the product they purchased.
  3. Send information about upcoming products (or products that complement their initial purchase).
  4. Send information about other products you have available and how it can help them.
  5. Send information about stock that is quickly being bought (sense of urgency)
  6. One last chance to buy. If there has been no engagement, the EDM stream stops.

Through this process you can track click throughs and activity the customer takes part in online. If your customer clicks through on the third email you would not then send the email asking if they have shopped.

The EDM would cease, and you would send them a thank you for shopping email.

EDMs can be repeated for multiple campaigns.

EDMs can be a simple or complex process.

Ideally, having a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service can help coordinate your email marketing strategies. CRM is the backbone of strong customer relationships.


E-Newsletters are a great way to inform and educate customers.

Not everyone is ready to buy NOW. However, when someone is ready to spend their money, you want to be the first brand they think of (top-of-mind thinking).

The best way to be ‘top-of-mind’ is through regular contact via a newsletter.

With a powerful CRM, you can do many great things with e-newsletters:

  • Personalise greetings
  • Send people birthday wishes and specials
  • Member-only specials
  • Include specials in the newsletter based on a customer’s shopping history
  • Get your readers into the habit of expecting your newsletter on a schedule

Motivating Marketing can help you build a list, market through your list and more. We can use your content to build an engaging email marketing system which drives customers to your website and induce sales.

Contact us now, to find out how we can work together to make email work for you.

When someone is ready to spend their money, you want to be the first brand they think of.

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