How Zawn Villiness used the four C’s of marketing communication to build her social media following


Zawn Villiness, provides frank advice for women dealing with unhelpful partners. Her posts on her Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business Page, are consistently commented on, shared and liked.   

Zawn, skillfully incorporates the four C’s (clarity, credibility, consistency, competitiveness) of marketing communication into her posts, transforming her messages into compelling and shareable content for her 35k social media followers and beyond.


Zawn has a clear defining audience: frustrated women and mothers who feel their suffering is dismissed and trivialised. Clarity ensures there is no confusion with the messaging on a saturated social media platform. Clarity ensures the message becomes value-adding and relevant in the audience’s lives. Zawn’s blunt messages, like ‘Don’t buy the bullshit” from her post below, are super clear, unapologetic and to the point, so there is no ambiguity about her stance.

Source: Facebook


According to Sprout Social, it is necessary to consistently post on social media in order to contribute to revenue growth. Hootsuite states to post up to 2 times per day on Facebook and at least 3 to 5 times a week on Instagram , to be favoured by social media algorithms. Being a small business, Zawn is the only admin on her Facebook and Instagram pages , yet she consistently posts between 1 to 3 times a day. Her consistency ensures that she remains top-of-mind for her audience, which creates instant recognition of her brand values.


Zawn’s professional career includes writing about medicine, science, politics and law. She founded the Georgia Birth Advocacy Coalition and continues her feminist work through weekly newsletters and social media platforms about motherhood, marriage and household equality. She walks her talk, which, in turn, creates trust among her niche audience.


Zawn’s competitiveness is not to stand above other feminists like Clementine Ford, but rather stand together, shouting the same message. As shown below, Zawn understands her competition are actually the husbands of the overwhelmed wives. She also reiterates her credibility, consistency and clarity, by openly confronting them online.

Source: Facebook

The challenges of gaining attention in today’s competitive landscape may seem daunting, but service based businesses can still thrive on social media by keeping their message simple, consistent, trustworthy, and understanding who their true competitors are. For more information on building a compelling marketing message through social media, contact Marina Garbuio directly. 

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