Website Design and Development

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Having an ‘online’ presence as part of your business is the key destination for your customers or consumers when looking for information about your business. A website provides a central hub where you can promote your products or services, let users know who you are and what sets you apart, encourage communication and convert visitors into customers.

Why do I need a website?

A website has become an integral component for any business wanting to gain exposure and stand out amongst their competition. Unlike social media, a website provides a platform for you to communicate with your audience that you have complete control over, allowing you to present your content in a way that truly reflects your brand.

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A website allows you to:

  • Provide information about your services including text, images and interactive elements to engage your usersUpdate and promote offers, promotions, latest news and new products
  • Use strategic call to action elements to convert website visitors into customers
  • Automate business transactions such as online purchases, bookings, quote requests and mailing list sign ups directly through your site
  • Present your content in a format that complements your brand, values and aesthetics
  • Provide a direct line for customers to contact you in the format that best suits you and your current systems

What is effective Web Design and Development?

Effective website design and development engages the viewer where they are at and on the device of their choice. Around 50% of total web traffic in 2019 comes from mobile devices so your website needs to operate smoothly on all platforms.

A successful website is clear and easy to navigate allowing users to find what they need quickly and easily while encouraging exploration through your offerings and inviting communication and conversion. When designed well and built cleanly your website provides a professional edge, creating a confidence in your business.

A good web designer or developer will take into account the individual needs of your business and create a customised online experience that presents your content effectively, works with your current business model and systems and caters to the unique needs of your target demographic.

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Where do I start?

There are so many people offering a wide range of website options and services. The truth is that one approach to Website Design and Development does not suit everyone and knowing which way to go for your business often feels overwhelming and confusing.

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At Motivating Marketing we work with you on what your goals are for your website and give you clear insight into what options are available and how they would work best for you. We stay up to date with the latest technologies and functionality and we have experience with a wide range of business types and industries so we can offer innovative solutions to your business needs.

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