Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Strategy is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies for businesses to showcase their personality, products and services to their target market.

Social Media is consists of:

As well as the more obscure social media platforms (but at times highly successful):

Then we have the Chinese social media platforms:

Social Media connects us to friends, family and businesses. It is also a way for businesses to build brand awareness as well as driving extra online conversions. It is a tool to find out the latest trends, communicate ideas, discover news and share information.

Australian social media statistics from Vivid Social shows:

  • Facebook is steady with 15 million monthly active Australian users. Therefore, 60% of Australians are active on Facebook, with the majority of users between the 18-55 age bracket.
  • YouTube has 15 million unique active Australian Users
  • Instagram has 9 million monthly active Australian users. In 2017, active Australian users were steady at 5 million. By 2018, users jumped to 9 million – due to the introduction of Instagram for Business and the ability to shop. It has remained steady ever since.
  • SnapChat has 6.4 million active Australian users (but, this is from SnapChat. The word is more people are moving off this platform and onto Instagram and TikTok)
  • LinkedIn has 5.5 million monthly active users
 It’s our job to test the latest functionalities and trends in marketing. So your social media marketing strategy is effective and efficient.

It’s our job to test the latest functionalities and trends in marketing.


We deal with organic and paid social media across all social channels.


Organic means your post naturally pops up on your audience’s social media news feed. This is unpaid.


Paid means you spend money to advertise on social media platforms to be in front of your audience.

Make your audience advocates

In this age of hyper-consumerism, people need to know you, like you and trust you, before they buy from you. When they trust you, they become advocates.

We help you with Social Media Strategy by going through the steps:

Understand your goals and objectives

  • We look at your business goals and objectives of your business
  • We work with you to create advertising objectives that encompass social media

Understand your target market

  • We research who you want to market your products and services to, to build your target audience.
  • We understand their buying behaviour. What their beliefs, fears and desires are.

Create a social media strategy

  • Create a community within the target market (including content marketing and influencer marketing).
  • Work with you to determine which platform works best to capture your audience’s attention and when to share content.
  • Work out a monthly or annual social media strategy.
  • Ensure consistency of branding and of language so you speak with one voice.
  • Bring more customers and leads back to your website or landing page.
  • Set up social media profiles, groups, access to social media ads and back-end items like Facebook Business Manager
  • Advice on best scheduling tools suited for your business

Mentor your progress or complete the social media marketing for you

  • Teach latest time-saving techniques and social media best practice so your business remains visible
  • Want to learn more about digital and social media marketing strategy? We help you with consultations or workshops.
  • If time is a factor, we can complete the social media marketing for you
  • We don’t set and forget. Consider us a partner

Analyse data and suggest recommendations

  • Review the strategy, measure the success and make adjustments where necessary
  • Together, we determine the next best course of action.

It’s very easy to fall down the social media rabbit hole and be overwhelmed. Sharing content, commenting on posts and having conversations, can easily steal hours in your day.

We give you back time to grow your business.

We offer easy-to-understand training. 

We also offer practical services in digital and building a social media marketing strategy for businesses.

We plan your story. We get your message out into the social world and bring those people to your website or to your landing page. We help build your community.

We give you back time to grow your business.

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