Social Media is more important for businesses these days that ever before. If your business uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media to engage with customers, then is it advertised on your business card? If not, why not?

Not everyone will call immediately

You may have made a brilliant impression with the customer, however there are times where they are simply not ready to commit. Featuring social media on your business card allows them to stay in touch with your company, without the formality of emailing or calling. It can be cringeworthy and frustrating to like a page that will never see the light of day of a new post.

However, if you are a business who has a social media page yet chooses not to communicate or engage through it – then it is best to leave social media out.

Social Media to consider

LinkedIn: If you are a small business or an entrepreneur, LinkedIn is a perfect way to continue professional business contact.

Facebook:  Australians are on Facebook more than any other social media – however, only attach this social media address if you are constantly active on Facebook (ie: ideally, at least once a day or at worst – 3-4 times a week).

Pinterest: Many product businesses would benefit having Pinterest – a great way to showcase your stock!

Instagram: Especially, if your audience is 30 years and below – Instagram is one to showcase on your business card.

YouTube: Do you record footage of your product and/or service? If so, then they may want to see your business in action prior to making a decision.

Twitter: Great to showcase – especially if you use Twitter to address customer queries in real time

If you use social media as part of your marketing plan and none of them are featured on your business card… then maybe it’s time to print a new cards – showcasing the ways your customer can interact with your brand. If you require a graphic design services, call us on or email now. We help with the strategy behind your business marketing.