Client: The Alamein Neighbourhood Learning Centre is located Ashburton, Victoria and offers a wide range of skill building, artistic and community services that cater for a wide range of cultures, age groups and special needs.

Requirements: ANLC required a website that catered for a diverse range of cultures and needed to be visually clean and accessible on all devices. Colours that were to be used needed to be welcoming and have a strong contrast for added accessibility.

Process and delivery: Through discussion and the sharing of ideas, an interface was created that met ANLC’s needs. The visual tone is bright and the voice of the website speaks of opportunity, community and a welcome experience.

Site features:

  • High priority on information accessibility and usability for a wide demographic of users
  • Course management and assistance in finding the right course based on type or day of availability
  • Font size tools for easier viewing
  • Mailing List
  • Contact forms
  • Interactive Site Map

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