How To Find Social Media Content


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So much social media content online now.

Why would anyone bother to look at yours? (I know this is what you might be thinking!)

Well, it’s because you represent your business and you have something worth saying.

Because you have vital information to give.

Because you and/or your business are an expert in your industry.

Whether it is Google, on your website or social media, many people are still looking for answers online.

Be where your people are.

Below are 4 ways you can find social media content, your audience needs from you.


The questions you receive from your audience can come in many forms:

  • face-to-face
  • telephone
  • email
  • surveys
  • questionnaires

This may come directly to you or your support team.

Have a note pad ready near you (or have NotePad on your computer open and tucked to the side), where you can jot any questions you receive immediately.

Or gather your colleagues once a week, fortnight or month and share questions the business received.

You can then place questions and answers on your social media or create an online article. You can even make a video about the problem to visually show your audience.

As they will not be the only people wanting to know the answers.

An example:

A business sells self-watering pots. The instructions are on the tag. However, they still receive a query through an Instagram direct message that states “How do I use this self-watering pot?”

The business answers the question directly by responding to the person.

Then, the question is used as a Facebook post.

A simple video is created to share on Instagram Stories, IGTV or as a post.

A few weeks later, instructions are created as a website article, which is then shared on Facebook.

The video is also embedded in the article.

As you can see, a simple question created at least four social media posts and it’s an opportunity to educate your audience.


If you have a Facebook Page or Group, Instagram Page or access to online surveys like SurveyMonkey – then create a Poll to find out from your audience what they want to know.
It’s an easy way to find out what they want.


3. ANSWERTHEPUBLIC.COM is a free tool where you type in your keyword (I used ‘social media’ as an example) and the results will showcase all the questions people have placed into google to find out an answer.


Automatically, depending on your search term, you have 40-50 possible questions that you can supply answers to (why do you think I called this article “How To Find Social Media Content?”).

Suddenly, you have a multitude of content that you can create and use.


As a person (never as a company, people want to connect with a person, rarely a company), join Facebook Groups around your community. This could be:

  • Buy, Swap and Sell groups
  • Groups based around a council area (ie: Maroondah Noticeboard)
  • Groups based on demographics (ie: Business Mums Of The Hills)
  • Groups based on values or hobbies (ie: Painting Australia)

Many of these groups usually have genuine questions from people searching for answers. If you or your business has an article that answers the question, then share it on that post. If you don’t have an article handy. Then this is the perfect opportunity to create one based on their question.


With the example above, businesses such as toy stores, nanny’s, au-pairs, play centres, childcare centres, toy manufacturers, any business involved with occupying kids etc… could use this query to create a video, social media posts or a blog post about this very subject (could be called – How to distract bored kids so they don’t destroy your home)

You are helping your community. Your audience.

Now that you have a multitude of avenues to understand what your audience requires… it’s now up to you to create and deliver content in line with your social media strategy.

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